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Proper care of our customers, land, and cattle are essential to our triple bottom line

Care of our customers through grass-fed naturally raised beef


Care of the environment through conservation and proper range management


A bottom line where everyone wins


Environmental protection and restorative agriculture are important to us. It’s our promise that we are always striving to improve the land, cattle, biodiversity, air, and water! We pride ourselves on improving the ranch as a whole; when one input is doing well, so is the rest. Everything starts in the soil, by keeping our soil covered with matter (cover crops, sensibly grazed grass, and dung), the soil stays moist. This improves the microbes in the soil, making them happy, and keeping our roots strong. Since 2013 when we bought the property, we have noticed grass improvement, cooler temperatures in the soil, and a larger biodiversity. By rotating the cattle onto new grass daily in the summer, they are able to eat the top third of the plant, where the sugar, protein, and nutrients are while leaving the rest of the plant enough energy to regrow! For more information on the grazing technique please follow the link below!

Average ground temps when we purchased the property in 2013. The darker the shade of red, the cooler the temperature of the ground. The cooler the ground, the better water retention and grass coverage is.

Results of five years of managed grazing and carefully managed stocking rates on the ground temperature, which related to grass coverage and water retention of the property.

RafterDoubleR_land_16 - RSS PP3 W.jpeg
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