Killpecker Creek Cattle Co. is a family business founded in 2013. The family moved to Danial, Wyoming to live out a dream of a grass finished beef business. To them, its more than just a business, its a lifestyle.

The family of four begin their summer days by bringing in the herd of horses who have been on pasture during the night. Next, they check the cattle and begin moving the electric fencing so the cattle can soon move onto new pasture with lush, fresh grass. After lunch they break to work on small activities, change irrigation, and saddle up and go for a ride through the fields. They dedicate day after day making sure their herds are happy and healthy. 

When the snow arrives, the work load becomes much lighter as there is little-to-no electric fencing to move, or irrigation to oversee. There is enough standing nutritious grass during the winter for the animals to eat, meaning there is no need to give hay. The Belted Galloways put on a thick winter coat, and are able to live in the snow comfortably. 

Our Mission is to connect people to their food by knowing their meat suppliers, and where the meat comes from.