how old are the cattle when they are sent to be processed?

Our grass finished cattle are about 24-26 months old when sent to the processor. We chose this age because they have had time to mature and develop, so their meat is tender and yummy. 

Why is grass finished meat valued higher?

Our prices vary depending on the cut, but overall grass fed beef is higher quality, thus making it worth a bigger buck! We keep our cows on grass for two years, whereas industrial meat is sent to the processor after around only one year on grass. So, because our cattle are raised healthier, and slaughtered when they are at their prime, after two years of grazing, we spend more time and money on the individual making the product higher quality. 

do you raise your cattle with ANTIBIOTICs? how do you treat them if they get sick?

We do NOT treat our animals with antibiotics unless they are sick. Because our cows are happy, being moved to new grass daily, and are a good intake of nutrients and minerals, we have very few that get sick. If a cow is sick, we always treat them, and then they are removed from our meet program.

is your meat organic?

No. We run our ranch, and cattle, with low input and organic principles, but we re not certified organic. We are USDA natural approved. 

Do you ship?

No, we don't ship. As its hard to keep meat frozen for long periods of time and don't always have access to overnight shipping, its hard to get meat from our farm tot he door. Hopefully we will be able to in the near future though!